What Is an SR1?

An SR1 is a R1 powered UTV spec class. The SR1 UTV Class was developed and created by Weller Racing in 2009 as a result of a growing need for an exciting drivers class in the UTV division of off road and short course racing. The Yamaha Rhino was the first UTV to be modified into an off road racing machine, and it is this rugged, highly versatile machine that is responsible for UTV racing being what it is today as a fun, economical way for people to become involved in the sport of off road racing.

Realizing a growing need for a fun and much faster class of racing, Weller Racing developed an economical way to transplant a Yamaha R1 street bike motor into most pre-existing Pro/Mod race Rhino chassis, without the need for extensive modification. As the class has developed, certain model years of Kawasaki ZX-10 motors mounted in the Kawasaki Teryx UTV chassis have also been added, creating even more opportunities for aspiring SR1 racers!

Another recent addition due to high demand has been the development of the production Weller Racing SR1 base center frame, which has solved the issue of long waits for backordered frames and increased costs from the factories. With the availability of these chassis, it has allowed for a greater number of brand new SR1s to be built from the ground up – increasing the numbers of our class and allowing for builds to be finished in a much shorter time frame.

With it's high HP motor, six-speed manual transmission, two-wheel drive handling characteristics and strict specifications, the SR1 is not only a fun, powerful and challenging class for drivers, but it is also exciting to watch and has breathed new life into the SxS racing community!

Our goal is to keep each SR1 very similar (much like a spec class) in power and handling in an effort to keep the racing action close, and to prevent the class from becoming a money and horsepower contest. This is an exciting and quickly growing class, attracting both professional and completely new racers from all areas of life. With the addition of the Lucas Oil Regional Series in AZ, and CA and with the creation of the SR1 Championship Series, we have enjoyed and look forward to even more growth and some great competition!